Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A random Tuesday night, with nothing to do, led me over to a place in Cambridge I'd been meaning to check out. A little place called Toad. The space itself might be small but the music permeating the intimate setting was far from.

The headline act was a tremendous band of talent called Qwill. The sheer jubilation this band transcended into the crowd forced you to rock your head, clap your hands and stomp your feet to every heavenly beat and strum.

As soon as, Jesse Ciarmataro, the lead singer/ songwriter/ guitarist/ keyboardist, began to play you could just see the music awaken through him in his every move. Before a single vocal escaped him, you knew this guy was the real deal. Once those vocals did pour out of him, you were literally astonished by his abilities. He rocked a crowded room with the help of his amazingly eclectic band. On back up vocals he had Sarah Semenski, with her bluesy soulful notes. The percussions were methodically beaten out by Wacki, who used every unorthodoxed instrument you could think of, even tapping upon half full pint glasses at one point and presenting tap like movements to amplify the beads wrapped between his Adidas's and Dickies at another. A guest trumpet player and a couple of guest bassists rounded out this awe-inspiring experience.

Even the opening band of the night, Lake Street Dive, proved to be an enormous talent with Rachel's vocals lending a jazz feel to the room.

Toad is open 7 nights a week, offering incredible music and never charging a cover. Many of the bands hold residency for the month, giving you the option to see your favorites again.

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